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New African Grove receives August Wilson American Century Award!

New African Grove Theatre Company has joined the ranks of theaters that are honored with a new award  that recognizes theaters that have completed the 10 plays that comprised the August Wilson American Century Cycle.  As of this post, only 17 theater companies in the world have been granted this award.  The current list is as follows:

Theaters that have completed the 10-play Cycle

1. Goodman Theater, Chicago, 1986-2007 

2. Seattle Repertory Theatre, 1986-2007 

3. St. Louis Black Rep, ?-2008

4. Pittsburgh Public Theater, 1989-2008 

5. Denver Center Theatre, 1989-2009

6. Penumbra Theatre, St. Paul, 1984-2009 

7. Huntington Theater, Boston, 1986-2012 

8. Ensemble Theatre, Houston, 1985-2012

9. Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre, 2003-13

10. Anthony Bean Community Theatre, New Orleans, 2001-13

11. The Actors Group, Honolulu, 2004-15

12. Lower Bottom Playaz, Oakland, 2011-16

13. M Ensemble, Miami, incomplete information

14. American Stage, St. Petersburg, 2007-2017

15. Broadway, 1984-2017 *

16. Hattiloo Theatre, Memphis, 2008-18

17. New African Grove Theatre, Atlanta, GA (2009-18)

Click the PDF button below for an article on the creation of this award.

 Below are the ten plays of the August Wilson American  Century Cycle that New African Grove has performed. They are listed in the order of the decade in which they're set. The date in parentheses is when New African Grove Theatre Company produced the play.

Click play link for more information on that play.

GEM OF THE OCEAN (2012): Set in 1904

JOE TURNER'S COME AND GONE (2013): Set in 1911

MA RAINEY'S BLACK BOTTOM (2009): Set in 1927

THE PIANO LESSON (2010): Set in 1936

SEVEN GUITARS (2011): Set in 1948

FENCES (2014): Set in 1957

TWO TRAINS RUNNING (2015): Set in 1969

JITNEY (2016): Set in 1977

KING HEDLEY II (2017): Set in 1985

RADIO GOLF  (2018): Set in 1997

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