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                      Remainder of 2018-2019 Season Ticket! 3 shows for the price of 2!



We will present 3 more plays this season.  Our February show will be the Atlanta premiere of Love You Better  by Jeff Stetson. Edward Prescott Carrington was a towering figure in the life of his only child, Sarah, who grew up adoring him as the “perfect father.” But that image changed when he divorced her mother and married Charlotte “Hush-Hush” Turner, a sexy, provocative woman only one year older than his daughter. Devastated from the sense of betrayal, Sarah withdrew from her father and refused contact with him, even while he was dying. The morning of his funeral, Charlotte visits her “step-daughter” and the two women are forced to confront their jealousies, anger and fears in order to ultimately transcend their mutual pain.

Opening April 26th will be another Atlanta premiere, Front Porch Society by Melda Beaty. November 4, 2008; Marks, Mississippi.  America is on the eve of electing its first black president. Amidst the town’s excitement over Barack Obama, Carrie Honey grieves her son’s tragic death.  After 40 years of failed attempts to seek justice, Carrie has grown bitter and is no longer interested in life’s celebrations, but when a scandal in town rocks this historic day, a past secret is revealed that restores her faded faith.

Opening July 12 will be the first play in the  August Wilson’s Century Cycle, Gem of the Ocean. It's  1904 and we meet Citizen Barlow, a bewildered newcomer to Pittsburgh from the agrarian deep South. Citizen Barlow arrives at Aunt Ester’s house seeking her help and a safe place from Caesar, the local constable. Aunt Ester, now 285 years old, takes him on a journey of self-discovery to the City of Bones, a city in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Here he makes startling discoveries and his sense of duty leads to his redemption.


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